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Vermicompost and Flow Through Vermicompost Bins

Vermicompost is the finished product of processing organic waste with earthworms. 

The key benefit to Vermicompost is the diverse and extremely high microbial population.  Further benefits with Vermicompost are:

Increased microbial activity in the soil

Improved water holding capability in the soil

Higher nutrient levels and availability of those nutrients to the plant

Increased decomposing of residuals

Increased Humus levels

Less compaction leading to better aerated soils

Decrease in plant and soil susceptibility to pest and disease


When Vermicompost is used for the starter to Compost Tea the result  is a soil amendment that is teaming with beneficial bacteria and fungi. The Compost Tea can then be applied giving all the benefits of compost in a liquid form. When Vermicompost in the liquid form of Compost Tea is applied as a soil drench the microbial population is quickly available to the soil as well as the plant root. Compost Tea also allows for foliar application as well, providing protection for the plant surface from pest and disease.

Traditional methods of vermicomposting have been based on beds or windrows on the ground containing waste up to 18" deep, but such methods have numerous drawbacks. They require large areas of land for large-scale production and are relatively labor intensive, even when machinery is used for adding waste to beds. More importantly, such systems process wastes relatively slowly, taking anywhere from 6 to 18 months for processing to be complete. There is good evidence that a large proportion of the essential plant nutrients, that are in a relatively soluble form, are washed out and also a significant proportion can volatilize during this long processing period. Such nutrient losses are undesirable, particularly in relation to ground water pollution and result in a poor finished product. Our flow through bins require no compost turning and require no separating of worms and partially decomposed waste from the finished compost.

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