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GRANULATED - PRILLED LIMESTONE - Calcium Carbonate. For Turf, Farm, Lawns and Gardens.

Easy to use 100% natural - organic plant nutrient that supplies calcium and sweetens the soil. Raises soil pH. Helps to structure soils and break up clay. Fine particles means that you can use less.

Up to 50% reduction in the need to fertilize.  36% Calcium



Easy to apply granules, high in calcium (Ca)

Promotes healthy plant growth

Reduces blossom end rot

Sweetens soil (raises soil pH.)

Helps to control moss

Helps to structure soils

Helps condition clay soils

Reduces internal browning

Ultra-low in heavy metals

Helps reduce leaching high cation exchange

Reduces the need for fertilizers

Gives flavor and crispness to produce

Needed on acid soils

Listed by O M R I.

Eliminates aluminum toxicity


Available in Prilled, fines and Orchard Special. OMRI listed.


Please call for application rates, and pricing.



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