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bulletTank- 22 gallon
bulletFrame- Powder Coated finish
bulletAeration System-The 22 gallon Earth Tea brewer uses a continuous duty water pump with a venturi style mixing nozzle. Adequate dissolved oxygen is critical in aerobic tea.
bulletWeight- 70 pounds
bulletFungal extraction is critical in a high quality compost tea. Enough energy needs to be supplied to properly extract microbial populations without destroying them with too much energy. The ETB-22 employs an aerated water to supply to enhance the extraction process 
bulletVermicompost needed per batch of tea: 2-3 pounds
bulletEasy to clean tank which is removable and a minimum amount of piping
bulletPower Requirements- 110 volt 15 amp GFI circuit
bulletApplication Rate: 8-20 gallons per acre
bulletHeavy Duty vermicompost tea bag

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